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Collaborative Process

Assisting With Collaborative Divorce in Charlotte, NC, and Beyond

Wilshire Divorce is committed to the collaborative divorce process. We believe that this alternative process of transitioning through separation or divorce is ideal for couples since it allows them to resolve their differences with less toxicity.

Compared to traditional divorce litigation, Collaborative Divorce is less costly, less argumentative, more time-efficient, and more focused on the family.

With this method, the ability to reach creative solutions that preserve the best interests of yourself and each member of your family can be obtained by:
  • A commitment on the part of you, your spouse, and your attorneys to reach a resolution without the need for litigation;
  • A team approach involving trained professionals engaging in a truly customized process to meet your family’s needs; and
  • A process based on the premise that at all times, all parties involved owe it to each other to reach a resolution without the need for litigation.
Allow us to help you go through the financial aspects of your divorce in the most peaceful and stress-free way possible. Give us a call so we can get started.
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