Separation Solutions 


Wilshire Divorce              


Wilshire Divorce understands the challenges people face while going through a divorce. It can be traumatic emotionally, psychologically and financially. Often the process bogs down and roadblocks appear due to uncertainty around each party's future financial health.

We can help shed light on those uncertainties and help clear the roadblocks with clear and detailed financial analysis.

Whether you are going through this process collaboratively, through litigation or just mediation, we can help with your division of assets, cash flow projections, and resulting net worth now and years from now.

We'll help with everything from important decisions concerning housing to the calculation of the current value of pension plans.

We meet with individuals or couples, and work closely with their other divorce professionals. With your permission, we will provide your attorney or mediator with the results of your analysis including our recommendations.

The decisions you make now are crucial and long-lasting.  Make sure you have a clear picture of how these decisions impact your future finances so that you may commit to your agreement with confidence.